The music of Hangar49

Every episode we review a song with some sort of aviation theme or connection

Episode 159
London Symphony Orchestra/Theme From Star Wars

Episode 158
Lionel Hampton/Flying Home
Ella Fitzgerald/Flying Home

Episode 157
Moody Blues/Higher and Higher

Episode 156
Rolling Stones/Flight 505

Episode 155
The Byrds/Eight Miles High

Episode 154
The Kinks/Supersonic Rocket Ship

Episode 153
The Byrds/Eight Miles High

Episode 152
The Kinks/(Wish I could Fly Like) Superman

Episode 151
I Wish I Could Fly/Roxette

Episode 150
(Our "Best of" Episode)
#10: Stephen Still/Tree Top Flyer
#9: Jefferson Airplane/Planes
#8: Chilliwack/Fly At Night
#7: Fifth Dimension/Up, Up, and Away
#6: Frank Sinatra/Come Fly With Me
#5: Arlo Guthrie/Coming Into Los Angeles
#4: Elton John/Rocket Man
#3: Kenny Loggins/Danger Zone
#2: Mary Chapin Carpenter/Why Walk When You Can Fly
#1: Michael Jackson/Fly Away

Episode 149
Flying/Nice Little Penguins

Episode 148
Airport/The Motors

Episode 147
Flight 76/Walter Murphy Band

Episode 146
Up and Flying/Reba McIntire

Episode 145
James McMurty/Airline Agent

Episode 144
The Kinks/Gotta Get the First Plane Home

Episode 143
Alan Parsons Project/Blue Blue Sky #1

Episode 142
Julian Lennon/Too Late For Goodbye

Episode 141
Ozzy Osborne/Flying High Again

Episode 140
Daddy Teach Me to Fly/Ken Dravis

Episode 139
Fly Me High/Moody Blues

Episode 138
Fly Over States/Jason Aldean

Episode 137
Boeing Boeing 707/Roger Miller

Episode 136
Turbulence/Aoki, Laidback Luke & Little John

Episode 135
Zayn/Flight of the Stars

Episode 134
Eric Bogle/Flying Away

Episode 133
Turbulence/Bowling For Soup

Episode 132
Arthur Godfrey/Tererboro Tower

Episode 131
Ken Dravis/Ain't it Funny

Episode 130
Plain White T's/Airplane

Episode 129
Washboard Same/Flying Crow Blues

Episode 128
Mark elliot/Stars In Their Eyes

Episode 127
Queensryche/Some People Fly

Episode 126
Flight School/Miguel Campbell

Episode 125
Flying On My Own/Celine Dion

Episode 124
You Can Always Go Around/Ken Dravies

Episode 123
Fly On/Coldplay

Episode 122
Moody Blues/We Can Fly

Episode 121
Westlife/Flying Without Wings

Episode 120
Gordon Lightfoot/Early Morning Rain

Episode 119
Cheap Trick/Mightty Wings

Episode 118
Grass Roots/fly Me To Havana

Episode 117
Dierks bentley/Drunk On a Plane

Episode 116
Dave (and brother Chris) Hadfield/Second Row

Episode 115
Steve Miller/Jet Airliner

Episode 114
Iron Maiden/Flight of Icarus

Episode 113
Arlo Guthrie/Coming Into Los Angeles

Episode 112
David Usher/Airplane

Episode 111
Vera Lynn/Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer

Episode 110
Nazz/When I get My Plane

Episode 109
John Fogerty/Fly Away

Episode 108
Christian Andreason/Born to Fly

Episode 107
Bread/Fly Away

Episode 106
Long John Baldry & Elton John (AKA Reggie White)/Flying

Episode 105
Deep Purple/Space Truckin'

Episode 104
Joni Mitchell/This Flight tonight

Episode 103
Lionel Hampton/Flying Home

Episode 102
Rolling Stones/Who's Driving Your Plane

Episode 101
Amy Grant/I'm Gonna fly

Episode 100
Jimmy Buffet/No Plane On Sunday

Episode 99
Oscar Brand/The Poor Co-Pilot

Episode 98
Hillary Duff/Fly

Episode 97
Alan Parson Project-Sirius/Eye In The Sky

Episode 96
Harold Faltermeyer-Top Gun Anthem

Episode 95
Paul Revere & The Raiders-The Great Airplane Strike

Episode 94
Journey-Wheel In The Sky

Episode 93
Pilot of the Airwaves-Charlie Dore

Episode 92
Army Air Corps Song

Episode 91
Jefferson Airplane-Planes

Episode 90
Suzy Boggs-Outbound Plane

Episode 89
Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas-Trains and Boats and Planes

Episode 88
Willie Nelson-Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground

Episode 87
Tim McGraw-Last Dollar (Fly Away)

Episode 86
The Cowsills-We Can Fly

Episode 85
The Beach Boys-Airplane

Episode 84
Disney Fly Medley
Dwayne O'Brien-We Remember

Episode 83
Disney Fly Medley-Studio Singers
Bonus Song: Dwayne O’Brien-We Remember

Episode 82
Rush-Fly By Night

Episode 81
Susan Raye-L.A. International Airport

Episode 80
Brad Paisley-If Love Was A Plane

Episode 79
Destroyer-It's Gonna Take An Airplane

Episode 78
Shannon Noll-Learn To Fly

Episode 77
Boney M-Night Flight To Venus

Episode 76
Royal Guardsmen-My Airplane

Episode 75
Nat King Cole-Straighten Up And Fly Right

Episode 74
Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky
Pink Floyd-Careful With That Ax Eugene

Episode 73
Christmas In The Trenches-John McCutcheon

Episode 72
Mike Oldfield-Five Miles Out

Episode 71
Leo Sayer-Endless Flight

Episode 70
Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride

Episode 69
Elton John-Rocket Man

Episode 68
Encore: US Air Force Sonf
Encore: Royal Air Force March

Episode 67
Encore: Fifth Dimension-Up, Up, and Away

Episode 66
Encore: Jigsaw-Sky High

Episode 65
Chris Hadfield-Space Oddity

Episode 64
John Hiatt-Child of the Wild Blue Yonder

Episode 63
Alan Parsons-Blown By The Wind

Episode 62
Steve Hackett-The Flying Song

Episode 61
Colin Hay-The Flying Song

Episode 60
Dean Martin-Volare
David Bowie-Volare

Episode 59
James McCutcheon-Christmas In The Trenches
Royal Guardsman-Snoopy’s Christmas

Episode 58
Horrible Historys-The RAF Song

Episode 57
Smashing Pumpkins-The Aeroplane Flies High

Episode 56
Al Stewart – Immellman Turn

Episode 55
Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles

Episode 54
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Why Walk When You Can Fly (Encore)

Episode 53
Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away (Encore)

Episode 52
Bill Conti-Gonna Fly Now (Encore)

Episode 51
Jigsaw - Sky High

Episode 50
The War Room - Spitfire

Episode 49
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away

Episode 48
Moon Mulligan - Rocket to the Moon

Episode 47
Rose Garden - Last Plane to London

Episode 46
Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

Episode 45
Art Garfunkel - Wooden Planes

Episode 44
Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again

Episode 43
Dick Robertson & His Orchestra - Remember Pearl Harbor

Episode 42
Elton John - Take Me To The Pilot

Episode 41
10CC - I'm Mandy, Fly Me

Episode 40
Fifth Dimension - Up, Up, and Away
Air Force Song
British & Canadian Air Force March
Royal Guardsman-Return of the Red Baron

Episode 39
Come Josephine In My Flying Machine
Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy vs The Red Baron

Episode 38
Mary Chapin Carpenter-Why Walk When You Can Fly

Episode 37
Michael Jackson-Fly Away (Encore)

Episode 36
Gary Allan-Watching Airplanes (Encore)

Episode 35
Stephen Stills-Treetop Flyer (Encore)

Episode 34
Paul McCartney-Jet

Episode 33
Sara Evans-Born to Fly

Episode 32
The Animals-Sky Pilot

Episode 31
ting-Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

Episode 30
REO Speedwagon-Time For Me To Fly

Episode 29
Chilliwack-Fly At Night

Episode 28
Grand Funk Railroad-Flight of the Phoenix

Episode 27
Ventures-Flights of Fantasy

Episode 26
Buck Howdy-Help Me Make It To Your Fight

Episode 25
Bill Conti-Gonna Fly Now

Episode 24
Pearl Jam-Given to Fly

Episode 23
The Beatles-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Episode 22
Radney Foster-Angel Flight

Episode 21

John Denver & Olivia Newton John-Fly Away

Episode 20
Wayra The Wind-Flight Song

Episode 19
Nazareth-The Flight Tonight

Episode 18
Foo Fighters-Learn To Fly

Episode 17
Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle

Episode 16
Silver Convention-Fly Robin Fly

Episode 15
Four Vagabonds-Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer

Episode 14
Lee Greenwood-God Bless The USA

Episode 13
Gordon Lightfoot-Early Morning Rain

Episode 12
Michael Jackson-Fly Away

Episode 11
Paul Revere and the Raiders-The Great Airplane Strike

Episode 10
Frank Sinatra-Come Fly With Me

Episode 9
Tom T. Hall-Spokane Motel Blues

Episode 8
Gary Allan-Watching Airplanes

Episode 7
Jefferson Airplane-Blues From An Airplane

Episode 6
Lighthouse-One Fine Morning

Episode 5
Pink Floyd-Learn to Fly

Episode 4
Sons of Maxwell-United Breaks My Guitar

Episode 3
Keely Smith-Fly Me To The Moon

Episode 2
Stephen Stills-Tree Top Flyer

Episode 1
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