The Players

Hangar 49 is hosted by three private pilots based in the Pacific Northwest:
Two ex-broadcaster's in the USA and one ex 1960's British rock and roller that ended up in Canada.

(Note: The guy in the middle, Jimmy, retired from podcasting in late 2017)

Here we are together for the first time at the Arlington, WA Fly-In, July 2011
Al, Jim, and Tony.

Arlington 2014
Broadcasting live from the Arlington Fly-In flight line in 2014.

Tony and Al
Tony and Al in Laughlin, Nevada

Jim and Al
Jim and Al on the way to Seattle.

Tony piloting C-GICE from Kelowna to Kamloops.


Jim after piloting us to Lewiston, Idaho.

Jim picked up his Private Pilot/Single Engine Land certificate in 2007.  


Al after landing in the Alvord Desert in southeast, Oregon

Al holds Private Pilot certificate with a Single Engine Land rating.  He has almost 650 hours and has been flying for fun since 1999.   

All of Al's flying pictures plus an online logbook of every flight can be found here.


Tony holds a Canadian Private Pilot Licence/Aeroplane and holds night and VFR Over-The-Top ratings.   He also usually holds a glass of decent Scotch but they don't give ratings for that.  Tony sold his 1967 Cessna 172H in 2018. He is based in Kelowna, British Columbia and is a nationally-known aviation and rodeo photographer.

Other interests include music, poker, photography and introducing the world to humour like this:

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